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Physics Basic Question & Answers about Universe


Questions & Answers about Universe

1Q)The word planet come from which greek word ?

2Q) What is the light year ?
2A) The distance travelled by light in one year.

3Q) what is the distnce travelled by a light in one year ?
3A) 6 trillion km

4Q) What is the almost etimated number of sars in the universe ?
4A) 300 into 10 to the power of 23 or 300 sextillion stars

5Q) What is a galaxy ?
5A) clusters of stars ( probably 100 billion galaxies in the universe)

6Q) What is Milky way ?
6A) The galaxy in which sun is included ( 10 billion stars is in Milky way )

7Q) which is the closest galaxy nerar to Milky way?
7A Andromeda galaxy ( distance is about 2.5 million light years )

8Q) Which is the nearest star to our universe ?
8A) Proxima Centauri

9Q ) What is the distance between Proxima Centauri and earth ?
9A) 4 light years.

10Q) Name the greek astronomer, who preposed that Earth is the centre of the universe ?
10A) Ptolemy

11Q) What is heliocentric model of the solar system ?
11A) sun is at the centre of the solar system

12Q) Whose are the Astronomers behind heliocentric model of the solar system ?
12A) Copernicus,  Galileo,  and Kepler

13Q) Age of Universe ?
13A) 14 billion years

14Q) Age of sun ?
14A) 4.6 billion years

15Q) How many planets in solar system ?
15A) 8

16Q) Which is the  Closest planet to the sun ?
16A) Mercury

17Q) which planet is farthest away form sun ?
17A) Neptune

18Q) Which are terrestrial planets ?
18A) Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars is called terrestrial planets.

19Q) Which are gas gaints ?
19A) Jupiter,  Saturn,  Uranus and Neptune  

20Q) The area which a plant is just right side of the its home star is called ?
20A) JGoldilocks zone

21Q) Where is Hubble space telescope located and when was it launched ?
21A) In low earth orbit lanched by NASA in 24th April 1990

22Q) Astronomers calssified sun as --- dwarf ?
22A) Yellow Dwarf

23Q) What is the life cycle of sun ?
23 A) 10 billion years

24 Q) The time kaen to reach the light from sun to earth ?
24A) 8 minutes

25 Q) what are the major elements in sun ?
25A) Hydrogen(75%) and Helium (24%)

26Q) What is the procees taken place in sun for the energy ?
26A) Nuclear fusion ( hydrogen converted into helium )

27 Q) Who formulated laws of planetary motionthe rules which govern the orbits of the planet ?
27A) Kepler

28Q) How many laws are in Keplers planitary motion ?
28A) 3 laws

29Q) closest point to the Sun is called ?
29A)  apogee

30Q)furthest point to the Sun is called ?
30A)  perigee

31Q) Planet Mercury is named after which god ?
31A) Roman messenger God

32Q) Planet Mercury is refered in India  as ?
32A) Deity Buudha

33Q) Why temperature in Mercury varies from minus 170 degree to 430 during day time ?

33A) Mercury has no atmosphere.

34 Q) Venus is named after which goddess
34 A) Roman goddess of love and beauty

35Q) what is the name of Venus in Hindu astrology ?
35 A) Velli meaning clear and pure

36 Q) Which is the hotest plante in the solar system ?
36A) Venus

37 Q) The distance form earth to sun ?
37A) 150 million kilometers.

38 Q) What is called one astronomical unit ?
38A) The distance from Sun to Earth (150 million kilometers)

39Q) Earth orbits the Sun, in howmany days ?
39A) 365.25 days

40 Q) Mars is named after which god ?
40A) Roman god of war

41Q) In Hindu astrology Mars called as ?
41A)  Mangala

42Q) India's Mars mission is called ?
42A) MOM (Mars oribitor mission ) lanched in 5th novemeber 2013

43Q) Jupiter is named after which god and what is known in India ?
43A) Roman king of gods, In India Brhaspati,  the guru of Hindu gods.

44Q) Which is the largest planet in solar system ?
44A) Jupiter

45 Q) which is the largest moon of Jupiter ?
45A) Ganymede ( Bugger than planet Mercury )

46Q) Sturn named after which god ?
46A) Roman god of agriculture

47 Q) Largest moon of Saturn ?
47A) Titan

48Q) Uranus is named after which god ?
48A) Greek god of the sky 

49Q) Neptune is named after which god?
49A) Roman god of the sea

50Q) The time taken by Neptune to orbit the sun ?
50A) 165 Years.

51Q) What is Aphelion ?
51A) The furthest distance of a planet’s orbit from the Sun( about 151.93 million km )

52Q) What is Perihelion ?
52A ) The closest distance of a planet’s orbit from the Sun (about 149.6 million km)

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